Virtualization is the most efficient way to reduce IT costs while improving efficiency and flexibility - for large-scale enterprises as well as for small or medium-sized companies.
NETsec offers assistance in selecting the best virtualization option, its setup and of course also the administration of your environment - no matter whether powered by VMWare vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.

VMware vSphereShow more

VMware vSphere is the market-leading software for the virtualization of complete IT infrastructures in the SAN environment. With vSphere you can run several independent operating systems and applications in virtual machines and share the available physical resources. Some of its benefits are better utilisation and flexibility, higher performance, improved security, shorter system breakdown time and less costs and expenditure for hardware and support.

NETsec is a professional VMware solution provider that will gladly assist you.

Microsoft Hyper-VShow more

Hyper-V is a virtualization platform for increased system availability. The option to run several server roles or operating systems on a physical device as virtual machines provides for consolidating servers, quicker disaster recovery and easier testing and developing. You do not need any additional licenses for virtualization because licenses are already included in the basic control mode.

NETsec is Microsoft Gold Partner since 2006 and looking forward to assisting you.

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  • Analysis of your physical server resources and virtualization option
  • Conversion of your physical devices into virtual machines
  • Server and SAN sizing
  • Configuring and streamlining your SAN for operating your virtual machines
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Backup and disaster recovery for virtual machines and the virtual infrastructure applying vendor-related software
  • Coaching and daytime operation
  • Outsourcing and operating the virtual environment