Network & Security

We support and advise our customers successfully with the reliability of their infrastructure and in particular in the areas of:

  • Active network infrastructures with LAN switching
  • Network structuring and routing
  • Connecting terminal devices to secure WLAN
  • Powerful connections of servers and storage space
  • Establishing real time ability in networks by Quality of Service
  • Network monitoring
  • VPN with proven encryption procedures like IPsec, L2TP/IPsec and SSL-VP
  • Web publications of enterprise resources with various Reverse Proxy variations

We cover the antivirus/spamming environment, mobile devices management and hard disk encryption with products by Sophos.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone
  • Hard disk encryption for Windows and Mac
  • Endpoint protection
    • Virus protection
    • Web Control (web filtering)
    • Application Control (Point-and Click blocking applications)
    • Device Control (managed access to removable storage and mobile devices)
    • Data Control (Data Loss Prevention (DLP))

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Enduser ProtectionShow more

Sophos EnduserProtection bundles protect all users and devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones) in your enterprise against malware, spamming or data loss.

Sophos offers you highly efficient security for endpoints, mobile devices, e-mails and online access as well as the latest encryption with frequent updates and advancement.

The Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) integrates antivirus, desktop firewall, Device Control, Application Control, Data Control, Web Protection and Web Control - all important functions in one.

Security for every endpoint

Protect your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware, theft, specific attacks and inadvertent data loss.

  • Endpoint protection of the next generation including anti-virus, Web Security, Malicious Traffic Detection and more.
  • Blocks infections, detects compromised systems and eliminates threats with real time threat intelligence from SophosLabs
  • Web, Application, Device and Data Control for complete policy enforcement at endpoint level
  • High-speed performance even on older systems

SOHPOS E-Mail Appliance

Stop spamming, viruses, phishing and other attacks and prevent data loss with e-mail DLP.

Protect e-mails against spamming, phishing and data loss. The Sophos Email Appliances are a safe All-in-One package for the e-mail gateway. You encrypt e-mails, prevent data loss and protect against spamming and threats. Modern phishing attacks are reliably blocked and you can control which data are leaving your enterprise by e-mail.

SOHPOS Web-Appliance

The Sophos Web Appliance is right for you if you are looking for a dedicated appliance for internet access with efficient workflow processes and policy tools.

The Secure Web gateway helps get latest protection against online threats:

  • the powerful web malware engine checks the whole online data traffic in real-time
  • Latest procedures like JavaScript emulation block even latest threats before they affect the browser
  • SophosLabs supply cloud-based updates so that you are always one step ahead of new threats


Encryption and data security

A combination of hard disk encryption, Data Control (DLP) and e-mail encryption help implement your complete data protection strategy.


  • all products by one maker for easy administration and best protection
  • protects users everywhere and on every device
  • Safeguards against known or unknown malware and threats on Windows, Mac and Linux or virtual platforms
  • manages mobile devices with current operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • blocks spamming, rejects malware and executes data policies in the gateway and on Microsoft Exchange
  • executes internet policies in the gateway and at the endpoint
  • encodes disk drives, mobile devices and e-mails simply and efficiently
  • steady threat monitoring and regular updating of the protection by SophosLabs


Our services for you

  • Consultation on end-user protection
  • Plan the best solution for your enterprise
  • Implementing on site
  • Support

Do you have any questions about Sophos? Our distribution and support team is available to you any time.

Mobile Device ManagementShow more

Using company and private devices challenges the IT to avoid loss of sensitive company data and, hence, to prevent economic or image loss. With Sophos Mobile Control you can permit your staff the business use of private mobile devices and facilitate productive work while protecting your data and intervening against threats or loss of devices immediately.
With Mobile Control you can quite easily manage all your smartphones and tablets regardless of whether they are company or private property (BYOD). The Sophos EMM assumes all management duties from setup to registration and shutdown.

Sophos Mobile Control offers

  • Easy distribution like text messaging for initialization
  • Supports the current platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and more
  • Remote detection, blockage and reset of mobile devices, blocking e-mail access for complete compliance
  • Mobile apps management
  • Web-based self-service portal
  • Devices managed at any location owing to fully web-based structure

Our support for you

  • Planning, installation and configuration of Sophos Mobile Control
  • Planning, installation and configuration of the Exchange Active Sync Proxy (EAS Proxy)
  • Device management instructions
  • Consultation on device policies
  • Setting up device policies

Disk EncryptionShow more

Easy and safe hard-disk encryption for laptops and desktops. Protect against unauthorized access when the device is lost.  Sophos SafeGuard Easy saves all data on your laptops and desktops without affecting the productiveness of your users. If any computers should get lost or are stolen, the Sophos Safeguard hard disk encryption will prevent reading data saved on the device. Your users can use your computers everywhere without having to worry about data protection violations and compliance problems.

These are Sophos Safeguard's benefits:

  • Reliable data security by proven encryption algorithms for perfect security and performance
  • Comprising security owing to encryption of swap and hibernation files
  • Comfortable encryption in the background that does not interfere with the users' work
  • Safe password recovery by phone or local self-help option
  • Comfortable and safe login by Single-Sign-On - users have to remember one password only
  • Compatible with system management tools like LANDesk
  • Easy upgrade to SafeGuard Enterprise for central management

NETsec will support you in the planning, introduction and configuration of SOPHOS Safeguard Easy in your infrastructure and its rollout on your clients.

Data sheet

  • Sophos Safeguard Easy