NETsec GmbH & Co. KG has developed into a NetApp Silver partner within a few years, consulting customers extensively on the use of NetApp storage systems.

A comprehensive provider, NETsec GmbH, accompanies you during the whole project. We analyse your available structures, assume the design of long-term and failsafe storage and backup products in close cooperation with the manufacturer and support you at all other stages.

  • Perfect use of storage systems meeting the demands for failure safety, redundancy and backup (especially for Windows Active Directory, file services and Exchange).

NETsec has purposefully decided for NetApp, observing the following benefits of their memory systems:

Storage efficiency

NetApp storage systems have many ways to use available storage volume more efficiently. Savings of up to 80% are no exception, the average rate is 50%. This is facilitated by different NetApp technologies like data deduplication, storage virtualization compression, snapshots, thin provisioning and virtual cloning. Cutting storage volume down by half has many benefits for enterprises:

  • Much faster backup and restore processes in the company
  • Less expenditure for IT administrators
  • Avoiding new hardware investments
  • Much less energy consumption for operation and cooling
  • Lower general operating expenses of the storage systems
  • Data ONTAP's data deduplication is the only system that is able to deduplicate any primary data. It is a free component of all NetApp storage systems and completely transparent for applications using the data.

Unified Storage

A common foundation of the complete management of big data volumes is the Unified Storage architecture of NetApp. It comprises not only the support of different protocols in the data centre but also the assignment of different storage functions to one device (storage, backup, archiving and disaster recovery) as well as the extension of the memory size in active operation.
Snapshot technology allows generating 255 snapshots per invested volume without losing performances. Snapshots are 'virtual' read-only copies on the same volume (i. e. snapshot data are saved on the same disks that contain the working data) and need little storage space.

Storage virtualization


The virtualization tools NetApp take up all the available physical memory along to a storage pool, flexible and fast virtual volumes to assign from the administrators. This not only simplifies administration, but creates an optimized utilization of existing storage resources, which saves operating costs and energy.

  • Thin provisioning (FlexVol)
    FlexVol allows you to combine all available memory resources to a large storage reservoir. From this different sized volumes are generated then depending on the requirement, the later resize and can be moved at any time.
  • FlexClone - cloning allowed
    FlexClone enables delay-free clones of files,
    LUNs and volumes, without having to consume disk space