Version 7.2.12 (06.03.2018)

  • DevComponents DotNetBar update to Version 14.1.0
  • Remote PowerShell ErrorStream handling expanded.
  • Fixed issue with remove and create a PowerShell session.

Version 7.2.10 (12.01.2018)

  • Allow synchronization into the well-known contact folder of the mailboxes
  • Changed default settings to "Synchronize an additional contact for each untagged contact" in the mailboxes
  • Logging the value of the msExchDynamicDLFilter property and the value of the msExchDynamicDLBaseDN property of dynamic distribution groups (on-premise)
  • Logging the RecipientPreviewFilter value of dynamic distribution groups (Exchange Online)
  • RecipientTypeDetails: Rename RemoteMailbox to RemoteUserMailbox

Version 7.2.9 (05.12.2017)

  • On-premise Active Directory setting: Use LDAP over SSL (LDAPS)

Version 7.2.8 (07.11.2017)

  •  Fixed issue with "Exportable RecipientTypeDetails" in on-premise environments
  • Added Active Directory version for Exchange 2016 CU6 and Exchange 2016 CU7

Version 7.2.6 (24.10.2017)

  • Fixed issue with telephoneNumber property
  • Extended logging
  • Fixed issue with remote PowerShell connection, if a ProxyAddressExistsException occurs
  • Fixed issue with logger

Version 7.2.4 (29.09.2017)

  • Fixed issue with dynamic distribution groups, which should only resolve their members
  • Fixed issue with telephoneNumber property

Version 7.2.3 (20.09.2017)

  • Fixed issue with trial mode

Version 7.2.2 (29.08.2017)

  • The import option "Build property" can use the extensionAttribute 1-15 as source.
  • Rules of the import Property Rule Editor can be modified.
  • Fixed issue with PowerShell commands, which have no results, i.e. the search "Get-Recipient *test*" has no result.

Version 7.2.1 (23.08.2017)

  • Fixed issue with RecipientTypeDetails "Public Folder" and "Scheduling Mailbox"

Version 7.2. (17.08.2017)

  • Since contactSync version 7.2 contactSync supports Office 365 Germany and synchronizes Office 365 groups as contacts.
  • License is changed to numbers of mailboxes
  • Fixed issue with deleting properties of Outlook contacts
  • Manager property will not be synchronized anymore
  • Options of selected objects on the directory tab can be modified by a double-click.
  • contactSync 7.2 has a redesigned remote PowerShell management for Office 365 tenants.
  • Office 365 credential is expanded to email address
  • contactSync will try to reconnect broken remote PowerShell sessions to the Office 365 tenant during a policy run.
    Note: If a PowerShell connection to the Office 365 tenant is broken, then contactSync will try to reconnect to the Office 365 tenant, but it may happen, that some data are not completely synchronized due to the broken connection. In this case contactSync will try to complete it in the next synchronization run. In worst case it can happened, that some existing contacts in the target mailboxes of the synchronization will be deleted and that after they are re-created NDR issues in the target environment can occur.
  •  Office 365 setting: Renew remote Powershell session after x hours
  • contactSync detects the Exchange Web Services URL for on-premise environments similar to Office 365 tenants.
  • Exportable objects will be filtered by Recipient Type Details
    Note: If the msExchRecipientTypeDetails / RecipientTypeDetails property is not set, the object will be synchronized independent of the filter settings.
  • Status Tab shows only the log files of the selected policy
  •  NETsecLogViewer allows drag and drop of log files.
  • NETsecLogViewer reads CSV log files.
  • NETsecLogViewer finalizes broken log files
  • Fixed issue with saving subject of status notification email
  • A new license file is required for contactSync 7.2.
  • If you run the contactSync 7.2 without a license you will not be able to synchronize more than 20 objects for up to 21 days!

Version 7.1.7 (16.11.2016)

  • Fixed issue with resolving members of DynamicDistributionList
  • contactSync: Fixed issue with searching mailboxes for DynamicDistributionList

Version 7.1.3 (07.09.2016)

  • PropertyMapping changed
    • TelephoneNumber -> BusinessPhone
    • IpPhone -> BusinessPhone2
  • Assigning synchronized contacts as 'private'
  • contactSync does not synchronize the mailNickname property as nickname into mailboxes anymore
    Note: exisiting nickname values of contacts in the mailboxes will not removed

Version 7.1.2 (24.08.2016)

  • Implemented search functionality to NETsec LogViewer
  • msExchRecipientTypeDetails property will be exported by default (on-premise)
  • RecipientTypeDetails property will be exported by default (Exchange Online)
  • contactSync can ignore the mailNickname property for import into mailboxes
  • Fixed issue with property dialog on the contact folder tab

Version 7.1.1 (25.07.2016)

  • NETsec LogViewer will show more details by double click on a log entry

     Version 7.1.0 (11.04.2016)

    • new contactSync icon
    • fixed an issue with the setup
    • Export: contacts to users´ mailboxes have been limited to 20 analyzed objects.