Our Permission Reporter creates reports that display a complete list of access-entitled users. It can also create delta reports highlighting only the changes between two previously created reports. Clarity and simplicity are guaranteed despite the detailed view of everything that has to be observed: Everything that has changed!

You can automatically send the report to the responsible people so that they always know who has access to what within their data structure. The IT only needs to install the software and set up the policies - delegating actual 'monitoring' to those in charge of meeting legal standards in accordance with HIPAA, FDA, PCI or SOX.

BenefitsShow more

  • Automation
    Automatic reporting about changed permissions to the data owner via e-mail.
  • Change tracking
    Track all changes to permissions since the last report
  • Nested permissions
    All group members including sub-groups are resolved until all users have been identified.
  • Filter option
    Each report can be filtered and exported to a CSV file for use in MS-Excel.

Why Permission Reporter?Show more

If any staff leaves your company, only one out of three member will lose all existing permissions.

  • Permissions have direct impact on your users.
  • Almost half of all help desk inquiries concern permissions.
  • You have to report permissions completely even if they were assigned long ago.
  • You have to report all permissions.
  • You have to report all permissions that have changed.

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File Security Reporting

  • Who has access to which directories and files?
  • What has changed since the last report?