Standard e-mail signatures and more for your enterprise

Provide your e-mails with brand identity, signatures and disclaimers. Protect your system against spamming and virus attacks. Block incoming, outgoing or internal e-mails, forward them or reply automatically.

Exchange signatures and disclaimers
Add signatures to all e-mails processed on your Exchange server. This applies to all e-mails of all devices or customers also for smartphones and automated systems like your polites responses. Signature Manager Exchange edition

Outlook signatures and disclaimers

Send e-mail signatures straight to the end-user's Outlook client; Outlook and OWA cooperate so that the users can select the signature themselves and see them while typing their message. Signature Manager Outlook Edition.


You want to send automated response messages if e-mails arrive during your absence or to define operations that deal with incoming and outgoing e-mails if they arrive on the server or are sent from it? Then test the Auto Responder tool.

Personal photos in Outlook, Sharepoint and Lync
With Outlook Photos you can import photos of staff in image attributes of Active Directory like thumbnailPhoto and jpegPhoto so that everybody will receive an individual photo portrait in Outlook's Quick Contacts.