Email signatures managed entirely through your Exchange server

Create an email signature template using text, images and dynamic fields with dedicated Exchange signature software.

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Centralize Your Email Signatures

  • Create a signature template design using text, images and dynamic fields. Use rules to assign different templates for different needs. Click 'Save' and you're done
  • As each email is processed at the Exchange server, Mail Utilities evaluates your rules, fills out your dynamic fields and updates the email
  • Data for the dynamic fields can come from the message, the sender, the recipient, the server or even an external source such as your social media content
  • Mail Utilities is our comprehensive, Award Winning Exchange 2003 signature software solution

For Exchange 2003

  • Every email, from any device, is processed – so even when you're emailing from a smartphone or tablet, you get your signature.
  • And since it's on Exchange, it knows where the email's going – so, for example, you can use a simpler design on emails to internal colleagues.

Using Rules

Rules let you define which emails get which signatures. Create them using conditions based on sender and recipient attributes from your Active Directory or data from the message like subject, body or attachments.

Define conditions that the email must meet such as 'sender is a member of the Sales OU' or 'sender is a member of the Administrator's Group' or 'message body contains a key word or phrase' to create powerful rules.

Combine rules with a template to create a policy. So, you might have an 'Internal Signature' policy that uses a rule of 'recipient and sender are internal' and a simple template containing just the sender's building number and telephone extension.

You can have any number of policies and sequence them in any way you like so you get just as much flexibility and control as you'll ever need.

With Images, Text and Dynamic Fields

You combine static text like labels with images like your corporate logo and add dynamic data like sender's name or job title to create a template.

Dynamic data can be filled out from the message, the sender and recipient's Active Directory profiles or even an external source like your blog or Twitter feed.

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Signatures As They Should Be

  • Central Control - When you create or edit a template, we'll update every signature to match. You change an image, every image in everyone's email signature changes – or text, format, layout and more.
  • Any Device - If it has your domain at the end, it has your signature. Every email sent, no matter what it's sent from, will have it: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone – they all show it just the same.
  • Contact Details Auto-Filled - You add a field, like 'display name', and we'll complete it for each user's signature using the most trusted database you have – your AD. Your company runs on it, so your signatures might as well too.
  • But not Every User - Let marketing put a Twitter 'Follow' link under their contact details but give sales some flashier graphics. Use different signature designs for the different demands in your business.

Over 47 million users and counting

Our software is used by millions worldwide and some of the largest organizations on Earth.

We know business, we know our users and we know how to create powerful software. When you choose Exclaimer, you’re using technology built on expertize, experience and excellence.

Auto-Replies, Email Domain Changes And Mail Flow

  • Mastery Over Mail - First, any part of an email can trigger an action: the subject, body, sender, recipient, size – even the time and date it was sent. And that's any email – not just what comes in but also what goes out or even between staff.
  • Auto-Replies - Change your reply based on data in theirs – say subject, words in the body, the 'To:' or 'From:' address and more. Even use data from their mail in yours. Have their first name in the body or their subject in yours.
  • Email Domain Changes - We can change your address on all mail sent and received. If someone mails your old domain, we can easily change it to your new company's domain – but leave the 'KarenG@' or 'Ed.Lane@' just the same.
  • Change Sent Mail - Change the mail you send just as flexibly as the mail we do for you. Manage a group mailbox more professionally: make your mail look like it's from 'Sales@' to clients but just 'Dave.Hill@' to fellow staff.

Anti-Spam. Not Anti-You

  • Block Spam, Not Real Mail - We use the Recurrent Pattern Detection (or RPD) engine from Commtouch to stop spam. It constantly looks at mail traffic worldwide and compares it to what's hitting your inbox.
  • With 20 Years' Experience - For 20 years Commtouch has made email cleaner and safer – and we've worked with them for 12 of those.

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Important - You must buy a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) with your product purchase.

License TypePriceAnti SpamAnti VirusSMA (1 Year)
10 Users€125.00 €120.00 €120.00 €35.00
25 Users€209.00 €179.00 €179.00 €45.00
35 Users€275.00 €239.00 €239.00 €55.00
50 Users€315.00 €285.00 €285.00 €65.00
75 Users€505.00 €425.00 €425.00 €105.00
100 Users€585.00 €505.00 €505.00 €119.00
125 Users€735.00 €615.00 €615.00 €149.00
150 Users€885.00 €745.00 €745.00 €179.00
200 Users€1,035.00 €844.00 €844.00 €209.00
250 Users€1,179.00 €945.00 €945.00 €239.00
300 Users€1,285.00 €1,180.00 €1,180.00 €265.00
350 Users€1,389.00 €1,409.00 €1,409.00 €285.00
500 Users€1,679.00 €1,999.00 €1,999.00 €345.00
625 Users€1,775.00 €2,440.00 €2,440.00 €365.00
750 Users€1,895.00 €2,959.00 €2,959.00 €379.00
875 Users€1,999.00 €3,476.00 €3,476.00 €399.00
1000 Users€2,105.00 €3,995.00 €3,995.00 €425.00

If you would like a license for more than 1000 users please call our sales team.

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Microsoft Exchange ServerExchange 2003 SP1
Exchange 2007 SP1
Exchange 2010 SP1
Exchange 2013
Windows ServerWindows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
MemorySpace 350 MB,
Memory 2 GB, 
Microsoft .NET Framework2.0 or later
IIS7.5 or later
SQL Server optionalSQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2012
Internet Explorer8.0 or greater