How do you archive data when a user drops out?  Do you archive and remove old mailboxes? What is your archiving strategy for 'Deactivating and deleting ADS accounts'? - If these are your questions, ArchiveUsers is right for you.

With ArchiveUsers you can compress and save user data, the home directory and the Exchange mailbox of former staff on a disk drive compliant with legal regulations and delete or deactivate the original at will.

BenefitsShow more

  • Safety for administrators
    Users no longer required can be deleted from the corporate Active Directory including user home directory and mailbox.
  • Archives
    Data is archived and the archiving process is logged.

Why ArchiveUsers?Show more

  • Archiving user data according to company data retention policies.
  • You can delete old user data and mailboxes worry free.

Areas of ApplicationShow more

  • Deleting a user is the most secure way of ensuring that access to the company network is no longer available after a user leaves the company. Deactivating a user with a mailbox sometimes has adverse effects that are hard to track. Depending on the size of a company it may not be unusual that several hundred deactivated users are still in the Active Directory after several years.
  • An enterprise has a high staff turnover and accounts must be deleted regularly.
  • Cleaning up your Active Directory by removing obsolete user objects
  • Old and obsolete mailboxes should be deleted before migrating to newer Exchange Versions

FeaturesShow more

  • Archiving user data (Active Directory attributes)
  • Archiving a user's home directory
  • Archiving and compressing a user's mailbox
  • Saving the archive data to any storage device
  • Deleting the home directory
  • Deleting the user object
  • Logging the whole process
  • Compatible with Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007