Version 4.1.6799.23036 (13.08.2018)

new feature:


  • Conditional Reports Send (or save as file) all exportable Reports automatically after analysis finsihed. See documentation "Conditional Reports"

    Version 4.0.6743.28269 (18.06.2018)

    • Updated DevComponents to version
    • Improved DACL Differences PDF Report:
      • added Group-Member-Resolving
      • added filtering of principals
      • added highlighting for removed ACE

    Version 4.0.6533.24637 (20.11.2017)

    • Fixed spelling in Splashscreen
    • Fixed Date Format. Current culture Date Format for all Reports and Applicationelements
    • Fixed Service-Timeout for slow connections

    Version 4.0.6499.14217 (19.10.2017)

    • Improved DACL Differences PRF Report:
      • added ability to hide foldername on second row
      • added ability to set ACE changes position to right side

    Version 4.0.5905.24144 (02.03.2016)

    • Increased logging performance
    • Fixed issue disabling logger
    • Improved performance showing schedule data
    • Enhanced starting time of application
    • Fixed an error where analyses are cancelled when a license test takes too long
    • Minor UI fixes

    Version 4.0.5858.25054 (15.01.2016)

    New Feature: Export data into CSV format which can be interpreted by spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

    • Added CSV as new export format
    • Enhanced PDF exports (Permissions for Principal, Effective Permissions, DACL Differences) adding filters
    • Improved export by offering filters
    • Progress of export for report will now be displayed
    • Fixed error where exports were offered falsely

    Enhanced usability:

    • Extended context menu in profiles list to switch between different views
    • Changed icons for quickstart element
    • Changed order of buttons for File System Module in Ribbon
    • Fixed spelling

    Version 4.0.5815.28451 (03.12.2015)

    • Adding logging messages during applying a new license file to Permission Reporter

    Version 4.0.5815.23660 (03.12.2015)

    • Adding icon for „unknown principal type” in UI and PDF-reports
    • Adding logic to analysis preventing ntfs objects to be identified as same object incorrectly

    Version 4.0.5808.17337 (27.11.2015)

    • Added a feature which allows Permission Reporter to set already existing databases and create its tables inside
    • Added some minor improvements for UI

    Version 4.0.5766.23703 (16.10.2015)

    • minor fixes

    Version 4.0.5766.20341 (15.10.2015)

    • Trial is now limited to 14 days (No limitations of filesystem-objects during analyses)

    Version 4.0 (07.09.2015)

    • New Version. Old EPR will be completly replaced by the new Permission Reporter.
    • New License file is needed.
    • The upgrade will be for free if you have a valid support contract.
    • Please note, old policies and database need to be replaced.
    • A migration from 3.5 to the recent Version is not possible

    Version (28.03.2013)

    • Added new column to Delta Report: “Old Permission”
    • Added new status to Delta Report: “Changed

    Version (23.01.2013)

    • Fixed wrong pre-Filter on Application View

    Version (21.12.2012)

    • Fixed paging issue on large reports

    Version (05.12.2012)

    • Filter performance increase

    Version (16.08.2012)

    • Initial Release