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Why ArchiveUsers?

In order to meet enterprise policies when cleaning your Active Directory

ArchiveUsers - Compliance-conformant archiving of user data in active Directory & Exchange

Data maintenance of employees who have left the organization? Deleting ADS-accounts without any problems? Save and delete old mailboxes? Access permission concept “Deactivation and deletion of ADS-accounts”? – If these are your questions, then ArchiveUsers is the answer.

ArchiveUsers helps you to save in a legally compliant way the user information, the root directory as well as the exchange mailbox of an employee who has left the organization on a drive in a compressed and logged form and delete the original.

The special feature of ArchiveUsers, as compared to other AD Cleaner programs, is the special consideration given to company guidelines by means of detailed logging.

Usability Scenarios: When does it make sense - archiving of user Data in Exchange and Active Directory

  • Deletion of a user is mostly the best solution, if it is clear that this account will no longer be used. The deactivation of a user with mailbox has negative side-effects, which are very difficult to comprehend. Moreover, in big companies it is often the case that after some years several hundred accounts become “superfluous”.

  • Structurally, there is a high employee fluctuation in companies and accounts need to be deleted at regular intervals.

  • Cleaning up” your Active Directory structure by deleting unnecessary business objects

  • Executing migrations (e.g. migrating mailbox to higher Exchange versions without “taking along” old, unnecessary objects)

  • Deleting deactivated user accounts according to company guidelines

Program functionalities

  • Automatic assignment of access permissions to the object to be deleted

  • Archiving the relevant user information (Active Directory Attribute)

  • Archiving the “root directory” of the user

  • Compressing and archiving the mailbox of the user

  • Storing the archived data on a drive to be defined

  • Deleting the root directories

  • Deleting the user objects

  • Logging the entire process


  • ArchiveUsers gives the administrator the security to delete the user no longer needed with root directory and mailbox from the company directory according to the company guidelines.

  • The deleted data is archived in a way that it can be restored, the archiving process itself is logged. Thus, this process can be tracked at all times and can be proved vis-à-vis quality management.